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Ethnography of Residing Records: Queer Filipino American Catholics

9 September 2021

Ethnography of Residing Records: Queer Filipino American Catholics

The next representation arises from field notes taped during lutheran dating login a studies vacation to the state Pinoy Archives in the Filipino American state traditional environment (labeled henceforth as FANHS) in Washington, Arizona.

Dorothy Cordova, executive director, FANHS

We can’t establish the reason why I was moving on December 18, . Possibly it absolutely was because Having beenn’t wear adequate layers keeping cozy within my analysis vacation to Washington; or it has been because Having been anxious to generally meet Dorothy Cordova — the executive movie director of FANHS and widow of Fred Cordova, whose Filipinos: overlooked Asian People in america (1983) had been one of the initial scholarly functions to tackle religion inside the Filipino-american community. In retrospect, I’m maybe not astonished Fred’s monograph affected on institution, given that the archive is located in a former Catholic faculty right beside Immaculate Conception Church. Perhaps which is exactly why I happened to be stressed: precisely what were the possibilities I’d see any track of Filipino queers in an archive kept in a former Roman Chatolic school?

Immaculate Pregnancy in Seattle.

Developed by FANHS in 1987, the National Pinoy records gathers, conserves, and makes accessible to the population textual, graphical and electronic famous documents of Filipino Americans. These major resources tends to be prepared into bins in accordance with everyone, agencies, and designs, stuffed into filing cabinetry that cross two spaces and a basement. It’s however area where now I am approached by the cheerful confronts of Dorothy and dad Maurice, top honors parish priest at Immaculate Conception. » Weiterlesen: Ethnography of Residing Records: Queer Filipino American Catholics